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EcoFinish aquaBRIGHT Pool Finish

Eco Friendly Finish – EcoFinish aquaBRIGHTTM Pool Finish has many attributes that make it a Green, Eco Friendly product:

  1. aquaBRIGHT pool finishIt requires less energy resources to manufacture as compared to cementitious materials.
  2. It requires less energy resources to transport than cementitious materials. A typical pool requires around 100 lbs of aquaBRIGHTTM material to be shipped, not tonnage as with cementitious finishes.
  3. It requires far less energy resources to install the finish.
  4. It will outlast the cementitious finishes and will therefore reduce/eliminate the energy expenditure to remove the old finish, manufacture new material, and install a replacement cementitious finish several times over the life of the pool.
  5. It requires fewer chemicals over the life of the pool to maintain balanced water chemistry, thereby requiring fewer chemicals to be manufactured, and reducing the chemical exposure of the customer’s backyard.
  6. It completely seals the pool interior, reducing water loss experienced through cracked cementitious finishes.
  7. Although EcoFinish does not incorporate recycled materials into the aquaBRIGHTTM product due to strict manufacturing purity requirements, the aquaBRIGHTTM material is considered recyclable should it ever be physically removed from the pool.
  8. Stored properly, aquaBRIGHTTM powder has an indefinite useful lifetime, and should never require disposing to a landfill.
  9. There is no end-of-job leftover waste to be disposed in landfills, as is with every cementitious finish which can be as much as hundreds of pounds.

Compare the ease and flexilbility of an aquaBRIGHTTM Pool Finish with traditional pool finishes such as plaster or fiberglass.

Ecofinish aquaBRIGHT


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